Thursday, July 8, 2010

Session B Classes

This Session I am taking three classes. Intermediate Finger spelling (FS), Beginning Classifiers (CL), and Conceptual Interpreting for Anatomy and Physiology. This week I only have two classing, FS and CL, and next week my Interpreting course begins.

Thus far I have mixed feelings about my classes. I love FS! Who would have though two hours of none stop FS could be so much fun! My teacher is great. We focus a lot on rhythms and movements in our FS. Its crazy though, after class my right hand is so tired. My friends were teasing me yesterday because after class I was signing with only my left hand, but I couldn't help it my right arm was seriously that tired. But its worth it, I love that class and I feel like I'm learning a lot of new things and improving.

My CL class on the other hand, well its frustrating. The first day of class we had students who ranged from ASL 1 up to ASL 6 . . . that isn't good. The class may be beginning classifiers, but the signing she is using to explain the classifiers is not beginning. You'd need to be at least into the pink book before you had the skill level to understand my teacher. So what would happen is that the teacher would explain something and 1/2 the class (from ASL 3 and up) would understand, but then the other portion on my class (ASL 2 down to no ASL classes at all) would just sit there dumbfounded. So she would proceed to explain over and over again till they understood. Which is fine, there was a time that I wouldn't have understood either, It's just that they shouldn't mix that many levels of signing. There should be some kind of prerequisite for this class. Because it isn't fair to any of the students.

The next day was better because some of the less experienced signers and dropped out. Even still the class its self is boring. . . . and it shouldn't be! It's CL! CL's are so much fun! They make a story interesting, but we just do things that are so simple again and again and they are so boring. I have to remember I am in a begging class, even still it's boring. I should stop, I sound like a brat.

I guess I'm just frustrated because after day one I wanted to withdraw. I talked to Kim and she said that is was fine, but I wouldn't be getting a refund. I was confused and asked her why, she said it was because I didn't withdraw two weeks prior, the thing is when she signed me up for that class I asked her "what will I do if its too easy" and she said, "you can just withdraw" but the way she worded in, or maybe just the way I understood it made it seem like I could get my money back either way. I remember her saying, you can withdraw today and get one credits worth of money back, or you can wait and take the class and if its too easy withdraw. I thought that meant I could still get my money back . . . I guess not. If I would have known that there was no chance for a refund I would have just gotten my money back that day instead of risking paying for a class that is boring.

Oh well, there isn't much I can do about it now. I'm sure I will learn something from that class. I know that, that class isn't worth my money, but I'll do my best to get my moneys worth now that I'm stuck in it.

Monday I will start my interpreting class. I'm extremely nervous. Now after experiencing the frustration of my CL class where I'm in the upper portion of the class waiting on the lower portion. I'm scared to experience the opposite frustration of being in the lower portion of the class and holding back the other students. I really am going to do my best to keep up. Hopefully I wont be the worst one in my class. . .

So that's how classes are going thus far. A little good a little bad.

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  1. Sadie, so sorry to hear of your rightly justified frustration with the CL class. Could not agree with you more on the silliness of mixing up multiple skill levels in one class. That's the crapshoot of college classes: Some teachers have the power to awe and inspire, and other teachers, well...teach like they are tenured.