Thursday, July 1, 2010

FuNkY tOwN

Week two here at Gallaudet has been lots of fun. Its crazy to me that I've only been here for two weeks because if feels like I've known this group of friends for much longer then that. As always we started out week by heading to FuNkY tOwN O.k really we went to China Town, again. I guess you can say that China town is sort of our thing.
We stopped by a shoe store were Jonathan bought him self some feet gloves, toe shoes, pure awesomeness. What ever you want to call them.
Notice the midgets I hang out with. Ryan isn't much over six foot but he looks super tall next to the 5 foot nothings standing next to him.
I really love Gallaudet, but one thing I don't love about it is their food! ITS AWFUL! That is probably why we go out to eat almost every night. Which was not planned in my budgeting. I'm going to need to be more careful. This picture is of Nora and I with our menus from a Portuguese restaurant. The food was very good, and very spicy.
It wouldn't be a trip to China Town with out Cupcakes and Gelato. If I come back from this trip 20 pounds heavier you'll all know why.
Dear Pintango, I love you but you're going to make me fat. Love Always, Sadie
Jonathan is such a gentleman, he tells all the girls they are pretty, opens door for people, and even give piggy back ride to people who don't want to walk. (o.k I might have forced him into that last one but still)
The purple in my hair was starting to fad and turn white. . . so It was time to redye my hair. Sophie joined me and we put a purple streak in her hair. The only problem with dying your hair purple is everything around you tends to turn purple. For instance the bathtub . . . haha . . . I also forgot that I needed to wear gloves while washing my hair so I ended up dying my hands as well as my hair. Whoops!
An after shot of out beautiful purple hair. Sophie's purple is more noticeable in person.
Tuesday night we decided to switch things up and go to George Town. We all drove in Terry's car. We had more people then seats so we had to improvise. This car ride was pretty epic. The best moment was when Terry stopped at a STOP SIGN for a good 2 minutes because she was waiting for it to change. Change to what? I'm not sure, last time I checked STOP SIGNS don't turn green haha.
Once we arrived in George Town we decided to get ice cream. We figured that was a change from Gelato . . . kind of. Ben and Jerry's has awesome ice cream as well as an awesome atmosphere! There was so much fun to be had. Jonathan can be seen jamming out to the one and only Bohemian Rhapsody.
Ben and Jerry's also came with a sand pit where you could make sand art.
Like I said Gallaudet is great but there are a few complaints. My number one complaint is the food, Terry's number one complaint . . . . the toilet paper. So she went and bought her own toilet paper and now carries it around in her back just in case.
Wednesday night Sara and I went and saw Eclipse! It was fun to spend time with Sara. Aside from Lisa she is really the only person I've had anyone on one time with. It was good to get to know her better. She was a late addition to our group of friends. She'll be here for the next three weeks so I'm sure she'll be a reoccurring person in my stories. Now back to Eclipse! It was wonderfully awful as are all of the twilight movies. So many cheesy lines, so many awesome kisses, and so many shots of Jacob with his shirt off. . . now that's my kind of movie.
Today is Thursday which means tonight and tomorrow night are our last days with our session A friends. Which means our group will loose a lot of people, which is really sad. However the good news is that with the close of session A is followed by the opening of session B. Which means new friends, fun and learning experiences are on their way.

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  1. man. i'm jealous. i wish i was there with you.