Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

Saturday, July 3rd was a chill day. After our sleep over we were all tired. Plus we knew we were in for a busy day on the 4th so we decided not to do anything too crazy. We did go see Toy Story 3, which was adorable. I loved it! I thought the story line was cute and it took some fun twist and turns. They were all sold out for anything but 3d. I could have done with out that, 3d tends to give me a headache, plus we arrived late which meant we were sitting very close to the screen. All that aside it was really good.
We started the fourth at the cafeteria for some "yummy Gallaudet food." on a positive note we did have koolaide. We bought three packages so we decided to start our day with a koolaide toast to Americas birthday.
Our Fourth started with a parade. Excuse me, not just A parade but THE parade, and by THE I mean THE longest parade of my life! We stuck around for 3 hours watching and watching. It was like an endless sea of floats, balloons and marching bands. After three hours we just couldn't take it anymore. We did see some cool stuff though. Like a band of bagpipes! And a rollerskating super hero Obama.

There were really random balloons in this parade. Uncle Sam made sense, but whats up with strawberry short cake? I still don't get it.

At the start of the longest parade ever, I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of each marching band, three hours and 100 pictures later I though maybe it wasn't such a good idea, These are literally 2 of the hundreds of pictures I now have of high school marching bands

We were sitting towards the end of the parade, you could tell that some of the people walking by us were exhausted, not that I can blame them. There was one group of Mexican dancers who were real troupers. They where full on dancing the entire parade. I decided their dedication deserved a spot in my blog.
As we were leaving I spotted the Hare Krishna float! I was so excited! There was no chalk throwing, sad day, even so it was still really cool.

After the parade we decided to hit up the American History Museum. We figured that was pretty patriotic seeing it was the 4th and all.
Through out the whole day Jonathan was making lots of cracks about Americans. Typical Britt. We ran across old uniforms from both sides so I thought it was fitting that I take pictures with my team and he take pictures with his. . . Guess whose team won haha

I really like the parts of the museum that are interactive. But sniffing . . .that might be a bit too interactive for me.
THIS IS THE BEST CARTOON EVER!! We found a section that was full of support the war, by war bonds propaganda from World War II. On of the exhibits was showing cartoon propaganda that they played on TV. This picture is from a cartoon where Daffy duck no lie hits Hitler on the head with a sledge hammer. . . . I don't know if I have ever seen anything so beautiful in my entire life!
The best things about the American History Museum. . . . lots of statues which makes for lots of photo opps.

Bille Jean is not my love she's just a girl that claims that I am the one, but the kid is not my son.
Jonathan and Sarah are not good at following instructions, it says please DO NOT touch.

After the American history museum we hit up the Air and Space Museum. So I remember when I was planning my trip to DC so many people told me I HAD to go to the Air and Space museum . . . I'm not sure I get it. . . Don't get me wrong, there was some cool stuff in it. Basically any of the children's portions of the museums were pretty cool. . . but other then that. . . yeah kind of over my head, over my head in a not interesting kind of way. I guess it just wasn't my thing. This picture is cool though. This scale told me how much I would weight on different planets. Basically I'm never going to Jupiter because I would be a big time fatty. It said I would be close to 400 pounds. . . this is also the scale that informed me that I gained seven pounds . . . boo. . .

After we had made our way through the museums it was fire works time!
They were beautiful, other then some big building that kept getting in the way. JK They were really awesome. I liked how sometimes the fireworks would land just right and make the Washington Monument look like a birthday candle.

After the fire works was when the real madness began. I have never seen so many people in my life! This picture doesn't even do justice to how many people were all trying to pour into the metro. We decided to hang back eat some ice cream. Which was a wise decision.
July 5th Sarah, Johnathan and I went to Six Flags. Where I got financially raped. Six flags, lets be honest it is not my favorite place in the world. The rides were fun but there weren't that many.

Really though the biggest rip off was the water. There is ONE, ONE, might I say it again ONE water fountain in all of six flags. You have got to be kidding me, boiling hot outside, plus humidity and they have one water fountain . . .boo. . .

Unfortunately there aren't any more pictures of Six Flags. Due to a hand off mishap with my Camera. My camera still works but the leans can't move so it can't focus and my camera wont take pictures if it can't focus. . . I'm going to try and go to best buy tomorrow and see if someone can fix it.
Really though, this fourth of July weekend was awesome. Being in DC for the Fourth, thats about as big as you can get. All that aside, I actually missed Utah. I missed the Clearfield parade with my neices and nephews chasing after candy. I missed seeing people in the parade that I know. I'm glad I was here for this year, that I experienced DC on the Fourth of July, but next year when I'm sitting on a blanket in Clearfield Utah with my family I believe I will be very content.
I feel that pretty much embodies how I feel about this whole trip. I am enjoying myself, having a good time, learning, experiening. I am really loving these experiences. But when I think about going home, going back to reality. I actually am excited. I'm enjoying my break from reality, but I'm glad its just a break and not forever. I didn't relaize how much I actually like my reality.


  1. awesome.
    jonathan is a hairy man.
    and the picture of the pikachu brought solace to my soul. haha.

  2. The Daffy Duck/Hitler thing made me lol... Literally. xD

    Jonathan takes ASL, right? So he should know what that sign means... ahahahaa.

    It's so cool that the monument looks like a candle! Dang I would've been allllll over dem fireworks.

    Did you go on the Griffen in Six Flags? (or maybe that was Busch Gardens...)
    Anyway, that's the only roller coaster I've willingly gotten on... My medicine was gone. xD