Saturday, July 3, 2010

The end of Seisson A

With Session A coming to a close we all decided to make one more trip to China Town.
Even though we were having a great time there were always moments like this where we remembered that in a few days session A would be finished.
China Town is a place for friendship and food.

Since I've been here at Gallaudet I've gained seven pounds. . . . these pictures might give you a good idea of why. Pretty much we all downed that food without even blinking an eye.

After Chinese food Sophie and I meet up with one of her friends and went dancing. We got there early so it was vacant for a while. However after some time passed the dancing floor started filling up and we had a good time.

Friday after class was over we said goodbye to Ryan and Terry. This is a picture of Terry and Jonathan giving one last hug before our Mom left us.
We still had one more night before the other half of our group left so we decide to make it epic.

We went to the Culture Fair in DC. It was way awesome. There were booths set up from Countries all over the world. This particular booth was a Smithsonian booth. They had stamps from ancient India set up. They also had some look alikes for kids to use to make fun stamps on their papers. Sophie decide instead that they could be used as temporary tattoos. I decided to follow her lead and get myself an awesome tat. . . haha

Like I said we were having lots of fun but every now and then we'd remember that some of us were leaving.
After the Culture Fair we went and hit up some of the nations monuments. Interesting fact about ASL, is has slang just like any other language. In the photo of us with the Washington Monument you might think were making obscene gestures but really that is just the sign that is used for the Washington Monument here at Gallaudet.

More interesting facts. The man who carves the statue for Abraham Lincoln also did the statues here at Gallaudet. If you look at his hands Lincoln's left hand is in a A shape and his right hand is in an L. The sculpture could have very well worked signing into his art. No one really knows for sure.
Jonathan and I, being adorable as always.

After we were done sightseeing we headed back to Clerc Hall for a big group sleep over. We started the night by telling first kiss stories. I can't believe I almost went two weeks without asking. Those stories are usually one of the first things I like to learn about people. After telling their stories I made each person pick a sign that described their first kiss, these are just a few of my favorites.

After first kiss stories we played a game of never have I ever. In this game you all hold up ten fingers. Someone will say something that they never have done, anyone who has done what they said then puts one finger down. The object of the game is the be the last person out. Sophie was the first person to be out. No surprise there, she's done just about everything ha ha. Surprisingly I wasn't the last one out. Second to last but not last. Guess I'm not as inexperienced as everyone thought ha ha. Actually I am, I was just targeted with things like, Never have a ever kissed a boy or never have I ever been a Mormon. Way to pick on the straight Mormon minority :)

As the night got later and later we all got even more silly. Sophie and I made a fort, which basically consist of us putting a blanket on our heads. . . . it was much funnier at the time, which was probably do to sleep deprivation.
Once the chatting had ended it was time to go to bed. This is when Sophie remembered that the light in here living room doesn't go out. . . which means we had to sleep with the lights on.

In the morning we all woke up and one by one people started leaving. First it was Nora followed by Sophie then Katie.
It was sad to see everyone go. Even though I knew new people would be coming it just wouldn't be the same. This group of friends was too strange to ever be reduplicated. I'm glad that I meet them, and had the opportunity to be part of a group of friends that was so unique. I don't think under any other circumstance this group would have all come together to be friends but I'm glad it happened. I think I grew a lot in these two weeks. This group taught me a lot about who I am and who I am not. Really that lesson is more valuable then any of the classes I'll take her at Gallaudet. I'm really thankful to have meet new people made new friends. (I'm also thankful for facebook that allows me to now stalk my new friends )


  1. remember when we found the white house *finally* after searching for it? that's what the white house picture reminded me of.

    and i like the abraham lincoln statue. that's rad about the signing.

  2. Sadie I love your blog :) I am glad you had such an amazing time!!