Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"We're fine! If a car comes we'll just dive in the bushes."

The original plan for today was breakfast, Arlington, Iwo Jima, temple then the zoo. . . Some times life doesn't go as planned.
After running two and half miles this morning we set off for a little diner called Capital City Diner. Kayleigh found it on a blog that she follows and decided we should go there. We knew we were in for a trek. The diner was a mile from the metro. So we decided to support that Dress with Tennis shoes look.
The road to the Capital City Dinner was very "Colorful." It was amazing. I got my first taste of being a minority. As I was preparing to go to DC I had so many people tell me I was going to be a minority. Till this morning I really hadn't noticed it. Sure there were lots of different types of people but I never felt like I stuck out. Then I walked down Florida ave. . .
After a mile or so we finally found Kayleigh's "legit" dinner.

The food was pretty awesome. Kayleigh got chocolate chip pancakes and I . . . well I got the "Super Happy Fat Boy Breakfast" and you know what after I ate it I did indeed feel like a super happy fat boy. I'm not sure what they put in their food but I ate at 10:30 and wasn't even slightly hungry till six o'clock.

We thought it was fitting that our waiter was as yummy as the food. Oh and notice the cook in the corner. I have to admit it this place was as kayleigh would say Legit.
The road to the Iwo Jima Memorial was a road full of controversy. In summery Kayleigh wanted to follow the map and I wanted to follow my eyes. Then I opened the map and folded it wrong haha. Basically sometimes Kayleigh and I are pissy and we kind of act ridiculous. We both were aware of how ridiculous we were acting so it was full of pissy laughter. It was a moment that could have been on a sitcom. At the end of it all Kayleigh and I were both right and both wrong. I was right first might I add. But because walking took longer then we anticipated we ended up not being able to spend time in Arlington. So that will be another adventure for later this week.
We were suppose to be at the temple at two. We got off the metro and "according to the map" we had about mile to walk. Well Mr. Map didn't seem to count all the twist and turns that we had to take, so we walked about two miles to the temple. Which wouldn't have been a big deal if the east knew about a little thing called SIDE WALKS! So we ended up walking along the road side. Its all good though, we just would jump in the bushes when cars came by, so it was cool.

We finally made it to the church so we knew the temple wasn't far behind.

We spent a long time at the temple. We both really needed it. It was nice to just enjoy the peace and relax after walking all day. We also spent some time in the temples visitor center. We meet some sweet sister missionaries. You just gotta love the Mormons :)

Finally on the metro again Kayleigh and I were feeling like idiots. Apparently we over estimated ourselves and our walking abilities. It was a fun day though. We experienced a lot and we get to see DC in a very close and personal way. Maybe not the most productive day but hey, you live and learn.

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