Friday, June 4, 2010

Moving Forward

Today was my last day of work for two months. I was surprised when I realized I was having mixed feelings about leaving. Its not that I don't want time off, or a vacation, because believe me I do. Its just strange. I see these people ALL THE TIME! I see them more then I see the majority of my family and friends so it was somewhat sad. Then again, I have been going on and on about this trip for months! I'm sure they are all ready to stop hearing about my planning and start hearing about my stories. Over all I will miss Mountain land while I'm gone, but I'm sure time will fly by and I'll be back before I know it.

Another fun thing that happened today. Kayleigh came over and we started making a rough draft of our plans for DC. It was super exciting, I decided now was the time to begin my picture documenting for DC. We started out at the computer, Kayleigh took over because, well lets be honest she's a control freak haha. Plus I'm not really the "organized" type, So I left her with the hard work.

I wasn't completely useless. I held the map!

Kayleigh received a pamphlet from the office of Orrin Hatch. Its full of information about DC. Kayleigh has decided to make this pamphlet our DC Bible, and as you can see Kayleigh really likes the DC Bible.
We bought our week long metro cards, which should be arriving in the mail *fingers crossed*, we also made reservations for tours and other fun things. This is me, kissing my money goodbye.

It was a productive night. We were able to make several reservations, buy our metro cards and make a rough draft for our itinerary. We're both really excited! ONLY 9 MORE DAYS TO GO!


  1. i wish i was comming with you!!!!!

  2. I do too! Mostly when I go to newyork . . . What will I do there witout you :(