Monday, June 21, 2010

So . . . You're a mormon. . .

So Internet here at Gallaudet sucks! I can't get my lap top to connect to the Internet therefor I don't have a way to put pictures up. Its only my second day here so hopefully I can find a way to fix this.
I did was to update what has been going on the past few days.
I arrived her Sunday around noon. When I arrived there was one other girl here named Lisa. She was here with her parents. Come to find out she was my roommate. We talked as we set up our rooms. Lisa is 19, hearing, from New York, she's loud and so funny, AND . . . SHE'S JEWISH!!! I was pretty excited. Anyone who knows me knows I love Jewish people just about as much as I love deaf people. So I was pretty darn excited.
We became fast friends. No need for that awkward crap.
Later that night we were talking around when we ran into a boy with bright yellow shorts and his friend. They later introduced themselves as Ryan from Canada and Sophie from Boston. They are both really awesome people and as luck would have it they are both Jews as well! I felt stupid because I got excited every time. . . JEWS! It basically made my day, actually more like made my life. So we are chatting about where everyone is from. Sophie didn't understand what I said the first time she she asked me again, by this point Ryan and Lisa were chatting about somethings else so they didn't see our conversation. So Sophie asks me "Where are you from?" I respond with Utah and she says, "oh so are you Mormon?" I was a little caught off guard. It's not like I'm keeping my religion a secret or anything. I just honestly didn't think anyone would know what I was haha. Lisa had asked me earlier, and when I responded with "I'm a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints . . . " well she just looked at me kind of puzzled and said. . . "So your Christan." to which I responded with a simple "Yes!" Anyways back to Sophie. I must have taken a while to response because after asking if I was Mormon she said. "Sorry that's probably just a stereotype I shouldn't assume." I chuckled and said "well its a stereotype for a reason. I am." That was that. She just said cool laughed and we moved on. I was so relived. I really was so concerned that someone was going to hate me for it. I was a bit nervous still though. Later that night we are all taking. By this point we've added two more boys to the group. Jonathan from Liverpool England and Harrison . . . I can't remember where he is from. So we are all taking about families and someone brings up brothers and sisters, and how many we have. Everyone in that room came from a family of two children except for one person. . . me . . . to that Sophie responded well you are Mormon. That's when it happened, the reaction I assumed I would get from the start. "YOU'RE MORMON!" I could feel myself going into defense mode already. Oh boy. . . they started in with the question. I was actually surprised because I didn't even get that chance to answer them it seemed like most of the people in the room already knew what I "couldn't" do. They the list of "cant's" was building up. I'm guessing Ryan could see in my face that I was uneasy because he said. I'm not trying to be rude, To that I responded. "Oh I know and you're right there are a lot of things I don't do. But that's the think I DON'T do them, its not that I can't because I can, I can do anything I want. My religion is my choice and I am very happy with it. To say I can't do something makes it sound forced. There are a lot of things I don't or wont do, but I can do anything."
The conversation changed shortly after that. That answer seemed to satisfy them. We all went to bed shortly after because it was fairly late.
When I got home I started getting nervous. What if my new friends didn't like me . . . oh it sounds stupid as I type it out but I was a big deal in my mind. I prayed for comfort and then opened my scriptures to a random place. And like in usual does the scriptures that I read didn't feel so random. They brought great peace to me.
The next morning I meet up with my new group of friends, and everything was fine. I'm not sure what I was scared about. They don't care, they honestly don't. It's just a joke to them haha. I'm the "Mormon" they make jokes about it every now and then and that's it. "Sadie want a drink oh wait you don't." Or, "You're pretty cool for a Mormon." No one is pressuring me into anything, no one is trying to spike my drink . . . I think they feel the same way I do. We all just respect what people believe and don't believe. None of us try to pressure the other one to change. The offer is always there if the other party is willing but not one if forcing anyone. So yeah . . . I'm a Mormon. . . and apparently its not as big of a deal as I thought :)


  1. atta girl. i knew you could do it. :)

  2. Inspired response!! NICE job!! You will never have a problem be liked for WHO YOU ARE! You're AWESOME! =D

    THAT being said, and from your post, I think you will LOVE LOVE LOVE Jessica Bern... and yes, she's Jewish... AND she spoke at a blog conference in SANDY recently and kept making similar jokes... We ALL LOVED HER! LOL!! She is SO FUN!! Here's her link: At night she gets on Twitter and talks about the kooks at that send her goofy stuff. We MOCK them for sending shirtless pix... and most of them are so in LOVE with THEMSELVES it's no wonder they're single... They have no room in there to LOVE anybody else. OH MY!! We say FUN... SHE says TRAUMA!! (((HUGS)))

  3. I love Jewish people! LOL. They're always so funny without even knowing it.

    I think your answer to the "can't" list was perfect.
    One of my favorite things to do is get to be really good friends with someone then drop the M-bomb ("I'm a Mormon"). They always come away with a different perspective about 'us'. ;D

  4. Its really interesting the only people in that group that had a bad view of Mormons was the people who hadn't actually meet one. So its cool. I think they have a better idea of what were like. We are weird but we're a good weird :)