Thursday, June 24, 2010

Classes At Gallaudet

So I do in fact do more then just hang out with friends here at Gallaudet.

Classes here at Gallaudet are going well. On the first day of class I arrived to ASL 4. That's when I learned that they do there school systems differently here. In Utah ASL 1 is the blue book, ASL 2 is the pink book and ASL 3 is the yellow book. Here at Gallaudet ASL 1 and 2 are in the blue book, ASL 3 and 4 are in the pink book and ASL 5 and 6 are in the yellow book. So I moved up to ASL 5 its the highest sign level they are giving during season A. So Its basically a review of ASL 3 for me. Which is good. I still have plenty to learn and its really good practice. I feel like my receptive has gotten much better since being here at Gallaudet. There are so many different styles here and so many different accents. We have people from all over the country as well and Canada and we even have some people from England who already know BSL and now want to learn ASL.

This video is my first project, really I've only been here a few days so I'm not sure if there will be any noticeable improvement. Hopefully there will be. The link has an English summery of the story for those of my friends and family who do not sign.

Like I said, I'm enjoying class. My teacher is Ricky Rose. He's really great. Very funny and fun to watch. He's a great teacher for ASL 3 because it's all about story telling and he is full of stories. Funny fact about Ricky, he lived in Utah for 12 years, and went to school at USU, he actually knows a lot the members that I know in the Ogden Deaf Branch.

My class is also equally great. For the most part we are all on the same level which makes learning much easier. Also another great thing is that we all come from different places and different teachers. We expose each other to a lot of different styles, signs ect. We also get along really well. It's taken us a few days to get use to each other but now that we have I think we are all going to be great friends.

I'm really enjoying class here at Gallaudet, but I am happy to report that It doesn't feel like I learn any less at that DATC, at least not as far as the actual sign classes go. That makes me feel very confident as far as my choice of school.


  1. BSL?? It's different there? Weeeeirrd. I heard that ASL is the only SL that only uses one hand to do letters. Is that true?
    I'd love to see some CSL... like, Chinese. hahaha.

    I asked my parents if they knew Ricky Rose. I think it's the first time they've ever NOT known someone. :)

  2. yeeee-ah. atta girl, my dear.

  3. BSL yeah its different. As far as basic story telling goes, if you understand ASL you can understand BSL but complex things get confusing.
    Thats funny, I listed of a ton of people from the deaf brach and he knew all the people I said but your parents haha.