Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saying Goodbye, Saying Hello

Its been a while since I've blogged I'm sorry about that. I can't get the Internet through my laptop and its all been a big mess. So I'm going to do my best to catch up. Just a disclaimer to anyone who reads this. I have limited time with a computer so I will be typing as fast as I can. I suck with grammar. I'm going to do my best. If a I mess up feel free to comment and let me know. Moving on . . .
Lets start at the very beginning. I hear its a very nice place to start. Yes that may or may not have been a sound of music reference.

Saying Goodbye:
Sunday was mine and Kayleigh's last day with our friends in Falls Church. Ruth, one of the girls who lives there made us breakfast which was beyond sweet!
Seriously I am still amazed at how well everything worked out. I'm so thankful that Jennifer let us come stay with her, and I'm even more grateful to how amazing not only Jennifer but all the girls were to us! Seriously I couldn't have asked for anything better.
In this picture Alisha (Alisha and her boyfriend were beyond great to us, they made us dinner, chatted with us and drove us to instatue), Abby(Abby was so sweet, she offered us food and took us running.)
Now we have Alisha, Ruth(Ruth was the first roommate was meet, she made us dinner, talked with us, helped get us the airport.) I feel bad that there isn't a picture of Jennifer after all she is the one who let us stay there in the first place but she works so much and we hardly saw her so I never got the chance.
Alisha and Ruth drove Kayleigh to the airport and then me to GALLAUDET! It wasn't too hard to find my dorm. There it is, the beautiful Clerc Hall.
This is my bed room. Well my side of the bed room. Pretty much what you see is what you get. I have a little bed with an awful mattress. My dressers are under my bed, and at the foot of my bed there is a desk. This is my home for the next month.

Saying Hello:

Like I said in my previous blog, when I arrived to my dorm there was one girl already there unpacking, come to find out she was my roommate, Lisa! I love Lisa, she's load, crass, funny, blunt. She tells stories that usually could end with the response "TMI" haha. That's what I love about her. This picture is brilliant because shes a Jew, standing in front of the ten commandments!
It wasn't long before people here found out about my love for Jews. Mostly because anytime someone told me they were Jewish my eyes would light up, I'd get all excited and usually proclaim in a very excited voice, "I LOVE JEWS!" The picture below is me with some of my Jewish friends I've made. We're in front of the ten commandments, written in Hebrew. EPIC! Apparently I've been living in the wrong place my whole life, there are Jews everywhere here at Gallaudet!
This picture shows my main group of friends thus far. I love how different we all are from each other. It make for some interesting dynamics.
On the far right you see Sophie. As you might see from the T-shirt she's really into . . . I forget the word for it, but its that "Bob Marley" kind of stuff. That life style of chilling, parting (lots of partying from the sounds of it.) I really love Sophie's heart. I think that was the first thing I noticed about her was her very accepting heart.

Next to Sophie is Jonathan, the Brit! He's an atheist from Liverpool. Jonathan is awesome, the best way word to describe Jonathan is brother. He's kind of like the older brother of the group. He teases a lot, both verbal and and physical, I can't tell you how many time he's messed up my hair or flicked my nose in the past three days. Jonathan is so funny, and awesome to have around.

Next to me is Lisa, I already mentioned her, one additional thing about Lisa is her love for making dirty jokes. She puts all my friends in Utah to shame. I can honestly say that most of what she says goes completely over my head. I use to think I was a crass person. . . Lisa has proven to me that there is a level of crass that I had never even imagined.

Next to Lisa is Harrison. Harrison is a character. Notice that outfit he was wearing. He wears that same outfit everyday just with a different colored shirt underneath . . . he's a funny guy. I don't know much about him. He's defiantly colorful though, he's personality just adds more color to the already diverse, and colorful group of friends.
This picture is of Ryan. Yellow shorts Ryan. A little bit about Ryan. He's our token gay man. We have a lot of tokens in this group and he is our token gay. He's very funny and very critical, I like working on my signing projects with him because I know I will get the most in depth response ever. This picture was taken on a very eventful day. Ryan, Rob, Terry and I went to Target. We found out that escalators there weren't only for humans but for carts as well. Ryan was really excited to try it out!
On the left side of this picture we have Terry. Terry is the mom of the group, but she is definitely the cool mom. Honestly she chills with us and you feel like she is just one of the kids. Well not 100% there are times where her maturity shows, but we could probably use that. I love terry, she tells it how it is. No bull crap with this women, but she tells you in a very classy way. I just love how she makes people toe the line. There was even a moment yesterday where someone was listening to a song that she felt was dirty so she just told them to turn it off. I was impressed. I guess she probably isn't concerned with pressure even still it was cool.

This picture is epic even if it doesn't appear so. Let me explain. In this picture we are driving down Florida ave which is in the GHETTO and we were listening to Glee and Backstreet boys, while out fellow friends on the road were jamming to hard core rap. I honestly was concerned for my safety at this point. Three white people rolling around the ghetto, in a convertible listening to boy bands. It was like we were asking to get bet up haha.
I'm happy to report that I did in fact make friends. It was my biggest concern. I don't do well with being alone. Its really interesting out here. I'm not sure this group would have formed under any other circumstance but this. We are all SO different, but that's what makes it fun.

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  1. I think I would have a claustrophobic attack if I had to live in a corner for a month. lol!

    Your new friends sound like a sitcom. Everyone is entirely different! Diverse, like you said.

    LOL I can only imagine you guys' ghetto ride. ahahahaa.