Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Natural History Museum

Disclaimer: I'm writing this blog really late at night. I might spell this wrong or mess up on my grammar big time. That being said,
Today was our long awaited Ugly cloths day.

Kayleigh was supporting an wonderfully awful outfit consisting of a flowered print shirt from the seventies, a black vent that one was owned by a poet and a pair of awful pants whose past owners died of embarrassment for ever owning said pants.

My outfit consist of a jean vent from the 80's complete with fake diamonds and pits stains to match. My skirt is timeless. I'm not sure what decade its from or where it could have come from. I just like that it looks cool when you turn around in cirlces Oh and don't forget the tennis shoes.

Now that we were rockin our outfits we headed out for the day. Our first stop was the Natural History Museum. There was so much to learn from this place. I'd need a huge text book to even begin to summarize everything is this place. So I'll just hit my favorite moments and favorite pictures.

Sometimes when I take pictures I feel the need to sign what I am seeing. Notice the signs for penguin above and squid down below.

While we were in the monkey portion of one exhibit I over heard two women having a conversation. They were talking about how amazing everything in the museum is and then one women said to another. "You'd have to have some pretty amazing faith to still believe in a god after seeing all this." to that the other women responded, "ya I know, looking around how could you even believe that someone could do all this." It was really interesting to me. Kayleigh and I had just had a similar conversation. The only difference was our point of views. From my point of view looking around at everything. Every animal, beautifully complex in its own specific way. I couldn't help but think. "Wow there must be a God. How could anyone believe this all just happened by accident." Many of the exhibits were about evolution. I'm not saying I don't believe in evolution because honestly I don't know how God made me. Maybe he did start with a monkey first. I don't know, all I know is that I do not believe this, this world with all the beautiful things that walk it could just happen by just some serendipitous event.

I loved all the different Animals. I'm defiantly going to come back here again. It was so amazing. Its hard to say what my favorite part was because I loved it all so much.

No one wants a million pictures of them smiling in front of things, so Kayleigh and I try and switch it up. That's what leads to pictures like this.

One pleasantly surprising exhibit was about ancient Alaskans. I think there is a word for that but I am too tired to think of it. We learned how they used fish skin on the out side of their clothes to keep them water proof, and then lined the insides with straw to keep themselves warm.

We learned how to listen for underwater animals using a boats ore . . .but most importantly we learned the uses of urine. You never know when that could come in handy.
This was a really cool piece of oriental art. Its a giant vase with a city inside of it.

I learned a lot about Ancient people. Like the fact that people we even shorter back in the day. Good thing I didn't live back then. Being 5'8 makes dating hard enough in 2010. I imagine it would have been even worse back then haha.

Ancient Art. Legit.

If I had to pick a favorite exhibit I think I would pick this one. It was kind of like playing CSI they had different bones lined up and you had to try and figure out the sex, height, age ect. based on the persons bones. It was really interesting.

"Remember way back when, when people didn't think smoking was bad for you? Well. . . we told you so."-Sadie

We thought the snake exhibit was pretty scary, but we had no idea what we were in for next.

BUGS!!! AAAHHH!!! Possibly the most terrifying experience ever!

"Hey look, those bugs on the left are mating. . .and it looks like they like it." says the strange man. Sadie over hearing looks over. "Oh my gosh they are! Take a picture. . . ewww its like bug porn!"

You think being a crazy old cat lady sounds bad. Try being a crazy old spider lady.

Super awesome rocks.
Remember all those times my mother told me the world doesn't revolve around me. . . well what if it does?
We will now have a brief 15 minute intermission.


  1. The natural history museum is awesome! But not as awesome as your outfits...*ahem*.

    How ironic! Going to places like that only make it more obvious, to me, that there is a god. :)

    I love your penguin face. And how Kayleigh looks scared of the chill panda above her. xD

    Oh, and thanks for including the spiders...

    ~Ashley M. =)

  2. Ashley you would have died! The spiders were so scary!! They were awful and I'm not even afraid of them!