Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Memorial Day"

Today was "memorial day." Kayleigh and I decided today would be dedicated to seeing the different memorials of Washington DC. Basically we decided to be the ultimate tourists. We started our day with a ten minutes walk to the metro. It is so beautiful here! I can't get over how green it is! There are trees and rivers everywhere. I must say I love it. The humidity isn't my favorite, but I'm getting use to it. It makes straightening your hair pretty much worthless. For example the picture below was taken outside of the metro ten minutes after being outside. Notice my hair is already flipped out Nice . . .

The metro was awesome! I'm a lover of public transportation. I wish we had public transportation like this in Utah. I imagine I'd use it often, which would really save my driving recorded. Oh another exciting thing about the metro. I my first deaf person in DC. We were riding the metro when a man with a cochlear implant got on. After a few minutes I worked up the courage to talk to him. He was very nice, I was so relieved that I could understand him. I would have felt pretty stupid to start a conversation and then for some reason not be able to communicate haha.

When we got off the metro we started looking around for the Washington monument. . . we were having troubles finding it. Then I realized it was right behind me . . . classic. . .

We waited in line at the Washington Memorial for about an hour. While waiting we meet some cool people. A nice family from Idaho, and a security guard named Laverne. Laverne was one of my favorite people we meet all day. She taught me some catch phrases that I will be sure to use through out my life. For example "Don't hate, participate." "You got sweet lips and crazy hips." My favorite moment with Laverne was when she was starting our tour and all the sudden she looks at my and pauses and says "Girl is that purple in your hair. I like it." I guess its not that funny unless you hear her say it.

The view from the top of the Washington Memorial was breath taking. Simply beautiful! I loved it.

Next was the World War II Memorial. It was very beautiful. The most moving piece for me here was a large wall full of gold stars that stood over a reflecting pool. I thought it was a beautiful way to show the sacrifice that so many have made for our nation.

On the way to our next memorial Kayleigh meet a squirrel . . . they had a bit of a show down. It was really epic.

The Vietnam Memorial was very moving. Just seeing all those names, really hit me. As I walked along the wall I couldn't help but offer up a silent prayer of gratitude for all of those who had sacrificed so much.

Next was the Lincoln Memorial. Not to sound like a broken record but it was very moving. The most beautiful moment at this memorial was when a group of African American children came up the the statue. I listened as one mother explained to her child what Abraham Lincoln had done for them. It was beautiful.

So we had been really serious and somber all morning so when we ran across this vacant memorial for George Mason we couldn't help ourselves.

Next stop, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

We spent a great deal of time talking about Courtney Bullard. This is her thing after all. So I kissed the Jefferson Memorial for her. This ones for you Courtney. I think Kayleigh's favorite part of the Jefferson Memorial was its gift shop. She found mug which was quite hilarious. We also meet a man who meet Paul McCartney last week. It was pretty exciting. Kayleigh has now officially touched the hand that touched the hand of Paul McCartney. Epic.

The next memorial was my favorite! Franklin Delano Roosevelt. First of all I learned something very important. His middle name isn't DELENOR there is no R. I'm not sure why I always thought that. But now I know. I guess you learn something new every day.

The reason the memorial was my favorite was because of all the beautiful quotes. Honestly F.D.R was a brilliant man.

While walking we ran across the World War I Memorial.

And then it started to rain. No big deal right. After all my hair already looked like crap from the humidity so I didn't think much of it. Ten minutes or so into the rain storm I glance over my shoulder and notice that there is purple on my shoulder! The rain made my hair bleed all over my shirt! UGH! New shirt now ruined . . . boo . . .

After hours of being hard core tourists Kayleigh and I were done. We were wet, tired hungry and pissy. So we decided to head home for the day. Get a nap and then pick up where we left off. Heading back home on the metro we defiantly weren't the two happy girls who had gotten on that train hours before.

After a nap we were both much more pleasant. We found a nice place to eat called Rock Bottom. I'm not sure if the food was excellent or if I was just starving. Either way I was very happy.

It stared to get dark so we though we better head home. We did take the time to pose with the sign out side of the metro. Kiss and ride parking . . . hum . . . . We also caught fireflies!

Over all today was very memorable. Get it? We saw memorials and it was memorable? Haha Time for bed? I think so. In summary today was awesome, very epic. I'm excited to see what other fun things we can accomplish in the coming days.


  1. sounds like a blast!!!! love the mug. and i'm upset with you for ruining that really cute shirt i helped you pick out young lady!

  2. I'm sorry Jaron . . . :( guess we'll have to go shopping agian so we can make it up to you ;)