Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let them eat CUPCAKES!

The weekend started with a lovely trip for Cup Cakes and Gelato. Seriously as if we all really needed more.
I wonder what people did before they had digital cameras to entertain them? In this group any spare moment turns into a photo shoot. Jonathan, "You're really pretty!"
Red Velvet has amazing cupcakes!
I'm not at liberty to say how, but Ryan was able to get himself a box of vegan cupcakes. So he decided to give them to random people on the street. It was really fun! We made a lot of new friends that way. It was funny to watch peoples reactions. They were a bit stand offish at first but once we assured them that they weren't laced with anything they were more then willing to accept.

After Cupcakes and Gelato we headed to a nice little Coffee shop that has ASL Poetry. I really enjoyed myself there were some really amazing signers. . . and some really awful ones. Over all it was a really enjoyable experience.

By far my favorite performer was this girl named Rosemary! She was phenomenal, honestly the best interpreter that I have ever seen. She preformed a Micheal Jackson song in the purest ASL I have ever seen. I was simply beautiful.
So four pictures of her on my blog, kind of creepy I know. Oh well I don't care, this girl in my new Idol. Basically she has given me a new goal for the kind of interpreter I want to be. Just watching her taught me a lot about ASL and how to take beautiful words and change them into beautiful pictures instead of just translating the words. I know people have been saying that to me through out all of my ASL classes, and I have been learning. I have ASL grammar but I feel like watching her really taught me how to take something from being ASL grammar to pure ASL. One day I'm going to be as awesome as her. Until then I'm just going to stalk her YouTube videos haha.

Saturday we headed out into DC again. . . . and we got cupcakes . . . again. Well I didn't, but others did. Jonathan got him self a green tea cupcake, those stereotypes about Brits weren't kidding. Jonathan gets tea in any for he can wither it be the drink, the ice cream, or even the cupcake.

After walking around the DC area we all decided to head home. A group of people went dancing again but I decided to stay home. I needed some down time. We do exciting things almost everyday, so instead of going out on the town Lisa and I stayed home and watched hours of Degrassi on her laptop.
Funny story about Lisa: We were chatting on Friday about boys and I mentioned that I tend to be interested in older guys. Lisa turns to me and says, "I'm not trying to be rude or anything but its that pretty stereotypical for Mormons?" I was a bit puzzled so I asked her to clarify then she says to me, "Well isn't it usually one older Mormon guys that marries a bunch of young girls." I bust into laughter! "Lisa! Do you think I'm a polygamist!?" "Well isn't that what a Mormon is?" It hadn't dawned on me that she might think I was a polygamist, I didn't even think to explain that fact haha. So I took some time to explain the difference between FLDS and LDS people. She was really happy to know that I didn't have to marry some old guy with five other wives.

So when Sunday came around and it was time for Church Lisa decided to come with me so she could be better informed on what a Mormon really is. We went to the Deaf Branch. It was interesting, very small. Smaller then my branch in Ogden. I was surprised to see a few people from Gallaudet that I had meet, I just didn't know they were Mormon. The most interesting person I meet was a 3 year old deaf boy. He is deaf and so is his father. I was so impressed with how well this little boy could communicate. His vocabulary was HUGE. I was watching his conversation with is father and it was really advanced. I have never meed a child that young who could sign that well. He was adorable, he was looking around the room and he saw me and says, in ASL obviously "Who are you, I've never seen you before."I told him my name was "S-A-D-I-E" in response in figure spelt my name back to me and asked for my name sign. He was adorable and basically made my day.

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  1. Jonathan has very expressive eyebrows.

    LOL at first when you said you guys offered the cupcakes to random people on the street, I thought, 'How nice!'... It never occured to me they could've been laced with something. xD I wonder how long I would last if I lived in DC.

    By the way... vegan cupcakes? It's not like they have meat cupcakes, right? (Right?!?? That'd be gross) And... don't you kind of REQUIRE eggs (almost baby chickens) and butter (from cows) to make cupcakes in the first place? Hahaha.

    Eww old guys. xD I'm so glad us real Mormons don't do that. Haha!

    Smaller than the OVDB?? I don't believe you. Do you know how big the YW was?
    Aww! I love it when little kids sign!!
    Did he move his mouth when he signed? I heard that all-deaf families don't move their mouths/talk when they sign. Which is super hard for me. :(
    (By the way, you said 'figure spell'. ;D)