Monday, June 14, 2010

Jennifer's House

Kayleigh and I arrived at Jennifer's house and no one was home. Or so we thought. She had warned us that she wouldn't be home, so we went in the back room to set up. To our surprise there was a pull out bed! Which was pretty exciting because we thought we would be sleeping on the floor.
Because no one was home we decided to look around a bit and see what we could learn about these girls that we would be living with for a week. We found random scriptures everywhere and lots of movie musicals. We decided we might need to hold back on the crass comments but we could be friends
Then all of the sudden we hear a door open! One of Jennifer's room mates had been home the whole time. Which was fine, all we had done is walked around the house talking about how cute it is. Because honestly its the cutest house in the world. So like I was saying the door opens, its a tiny little muscle women. Come to find out her name is Ruth. Ruth is basically amazing she feed us offered us all her food. I mean seriously she would have given me the shirt off her back had I asked for it. As the day went on we meet all of Jennifer's roommates as well as Jennifer. Basically they are all AMAZING! They were offering to give us food, rides around DC, buy us lunch, and Jennifer even went and bought cute matching sheets for our pull out bed. . . Seriously. These people are amazing. I'm so thankful to have had this all work out!
I'll get pictures of all of them so I can tell you more about them in detail.

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  1. HOW FUN! i'm glad you got there safe! i expect phone calls my dear ;)