Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting There Is Half The Fun

It's hard to say when June 14th really started, because it didn't feel like June 13th ever ended. Kayleigh and I stayed up all night packing we got a two hour nap in before heading to the airport. This at the airport went well. We ran into a group of 16 or so missionaries. Which pretty much made Kayleigh's day haha. We would have pictures of them if Kayleigh would have gotten her way. Our first flight stared with us both on some kind of adrenaline high. We were smiling and laughing and pissing off everyone in the plane I'm sure haha. We did calm down eventually after all with only two hours of sleep we didn't have enough energy to support our obnoxious behaviors.

One thing that I really liked about this plane ride, is that it made me feel close to my dad. It brought back a lot of good memories. My dad was always terrified of flying. I remember when we would get on planes he would look around to see if there were any missionaries on board. He felt safe if there were missionaries on board because he knew God wouldn't crash a plane with his missionaries on board haha. So I guess in a way I was happy to see the missionaries on our plane. I knew my dad would feel much more secure that way. I also remember how when we would take off or land he' always make some excuse about holding my hand because "I was scared" but really he'd be the one clenching my hand :)

Our first flight landed us in Dallis Texas, we spent three hours in Texas and then boarded another plane from Dallas to DC. We were really tired for this plane ride. I'd say I spent the majority of the time listening to my Ipod and trying my best to fall asleep. After a few hours of that Kayleigh and I had a bit more energy. Enough energy to lip sing to her Ipod as our last moments on the plane were finishing up.

We got off the plane and got a taxi. It was my first time in a taxi! It wasn't anything to special. Kayleigh was pretty funny though. She was terrified that this taxi man was going to kidnap us or something. After some begging I got her to take a picture with me in the Taxi. I think she really only did it so I'd shut up and stop making a scene haha.
Check Spelling
Thankfully Kayleigh was wrong about the taxi mans character. He did in fact take us to Jennifer's house, and he didn't even charge us the full amount. We had made it! We were officially at our temporary home in Washington DC.


  1. "i'm doing the world a favor by telling you to shut up."

  2. Sadie, I give you permission to slap her as necessary.:) Have fun.

  3. Thanks, I'll use that when needed :)