Friday, June 18, 2010

Making sense of jumbled memories.

Getting ready for another exciting day in DC. We ditched the rags and upgraded to our normal outfits. I will miss the way that jean jacket sparkled in the sunlight, then again I wont miss the abnormal looks or the people discreetly trying to take pictures of us on their camera phones. Yes that did happen at least once to my knowledge.

When we got off the metro we ran across a farmers market. The food looked so wonderful we couldn't pass it up. We meet a french man with amazing pastries. I splurged the 2.50 and got a muffin. Best choice of the day! Mmmmm. . .

Next we went back to the American History Museum. We missed one exhibit and we couldn't risk missing out on something great. It's a good thing we went back otherwise Kayleigh would have missed out on C3PO and I would have missed out on Abraham Lincolns hat.

After our time at the museum was over we headed over for our tour at that capital. As it turns out you can't take food into the capital. We didn't want to throw away all our food so that nice security guard suggested we go across the street to our Representatives office and see if he could hold our bags for us. Three main problem with this; Number one Kayleigh has a fear of authority. Number two, I have an awful sense of direction, and last but not least problem number three Neither Kayleigh or myself knew who our Representative was. However with the help of an oh so kind security guard we were able to learn that Rob Bishop is our Representative.

With our bags safely in the office of Rob Bishop we were now free to take our tour. It was really interesting. Our tour guide was sarcastic and witty which always makes for a good mix. Notice the headset I'm wearing? That what we used to hear our tour guide. Interesting fact: each individual headset cost 500 dollars of tax payers dollars. . . Awesome. . .

So I'm not sure why I feel the need to share information about my lunch with everyone. However today's lunch was pretty epic. Kayleigh and I got hot dogs from a street vendor, we had been told it was a must do. While waiting in line for my hot dog I couldn't get my eyes off the most amazing Popsicles in the world! There were fantastic options. Mario, Bugs Bunny, The Pink PantherIt was a hard choice to make but I decided to go with Bubbles the Power Puff Girl. I'm afraid that time has not been good for our friend bubbles. She has defiantly seen better days. I thought it would be fitting to take a picture with my eyes crossed as well, that way we were both evenly awful looking.
The next few hours of our day were spent at an art museum. Don't get me wrong I am a lover of art, but I'm afraid modern art might be a bit too much for me. At least there were pretty colors, and shinny things. That's all the entertainment I really need in life anyways.

These two pieces look like they were leftovers after the pride parade last week haha.

With our art fix of the day complete we headed to The Nation Archives. It was wonderful. Inside we got to see many amazing documents. My favorites were letters written from soldiers to family members during the civil war.
Its strange I feel like one phase of this DC adventure is coming to an end. Tomorrow is essentially Kayleigh's last day with me because she flies out Sunday afternoon. I also move into Gallaudet housing on Sunday . . . I'm pretty nervous, but I'm sure things will be fine. If there is one thing DC has taught me is that there are endless amounts of good hearted people in this world. There was the man on the metro who stood up so that I could sit down. Or the women who offered me food when she over heard me say I was hungry. These are two off the small random acts of kindness that have been done for me the past few days there are many more that I haven't mentioned. They are nothing huge nothing miraculous. They are just simple things that gave me joy. It's nice to see people care about each other and be considerate of each others needs even when it has no benefits for themselves. I need to remember that people are inherently good. I mean you still have to be smart. But there is no need to assume the worse in people either. Any ways. . . .I'm looking forward to tomorrow, everyday is an adventure in Washington DC!


  1. HA! i commented before jaron did :) i just wanted to let you know that i meet this amazingly nice old woman (i wish she was my grandma!) who told me all about going to israel (just because she had always wanted to!), her husband who had passed away (we randomly had a great bond and this didn't seem weird), and her time in D.C. When she told me about D.C. I bragged about you :) and she was very impressed that you were going to galidet! i love you and you have to let me know how this transition goes!

  2. hahahaha.

    looking back on all that happened with us, i laugh so hard. especially with the hot cockles.

    "hey sadie, we should play hot cockles."
    "yeah, that'd be pointless. 'okay kayleigh! guess who just punched you!'"