Saturday, June 5, 2010

DI Divas

While planning our week together in DC, Kayleigh and I came up with the brilliant idea to buy the most wonderfully awful outfits we could find and wear them around DC. Where else could we go but to the Deseret Industries. We had a blast. Our initial plan was to dress up like freaks for one day . . . but . . . there was just too much beauty in that store that we decided on two days. Our actual out fits will not be unveiled till DC. These pictures are just an idea of the kinds of clothes we will be wearing as we walk the streets of Washington DC.


  1. hahahahahaha.
    i may have caved and shown my mom.
    needless to say, she was embarrassed and commanded that i not wear my outfits to nauvoo.
    i sort of threatened that i was going to anyway, because it doesn't matter what you wear.

    also. the first outfit i tried on was okay in her eyes. then she saw the pants. hahahahahaha. love. it.

  2. That o.k you showed her. I think you had said you didn't want to tell anyone about it, have it be a suprise and then I posted it on my blog haha. Guess we're both bad at keeping secrets

  3. purple pants...... oh my......i like it