Friday, June 25, 2010

Dancing in DC

Nothing says PARTY like a Thursday night. Well nothing says party like free admission for college students on Thursday nights. So last night we gathered up a group and headed down the red line for some dancing. We stopped at a park to pick up Ryan and Terry who were already in the area.

Ryan felt the need to unbutton his shirt and do a photo shoot. . . .
Which lead into him wanting a scandalous picture with his self proclaimed "Mormon girlfriend." I'm always up for a silly picture, I was just standing there pretending to by Tyra Banks when out of no where Ryan decides to lip rape me ha ha. Seriously one moment I'm posing for the camera and the next thing I know I've got a gay man in my face. . . Of coarse we had to hold our kiss in public so that several friends could take pictures with there cameras. . . . awesome. I think this picture really captures the fear in my eyes ha ha.

We arrived at the club and tried to enter, that's when Sophie and I realized we had forgotten our ids. We had our college ids but not the ids the prove we are over 18. So we grabbed a cab and headed back to Clerc to grab them.
That minor mishap didn't put us back too far. We got to the club about 30 minutes later and were ready to party. I learned something interesting about clubs out here. In Utah all 18 or up clubs are dry. Out in the east that isn't always the case so if your under 21 you get cute markings on your hands. Not that I mind, I wouldn't be drinking any ways I just thought it was cool.
The dancing was fun. Clubbing out here is basically the same the only differences I noticed was more people, better music, better lighting, and cool white stuff the falls from the ceiling randomly as seen in this picture.

It was a lot of fun. We were able to stay in our own little group and just dance around each other. I was nervous when we were first planning on going. I was concerned that there would be a lot of dirty dancing and people wouldn't leave me alone and I would end up in the corner crying ha ha. Really though our group just stayed on our own, we all danced clean and people let us be.

It was fun to go with a group of people who can sign. We were still able to communicate even with the load music, and I found out that there are other ASL nerds in this world who like to turn signs into dance moves.

It defiantly was a lot, what was not fun was getting up for class after 4 hours of sleep and trying to sit through hours of lectures. I better go take a nap now because its officially the weekend which I'm sure means there is a lot more socializing to be had.


  1. i'm so jealous. that sounds like so much fun.

    and when i saw the kissing picture, i just kept thinking, "what is your mother going to think."

  2. Haha Yeah I called her afterwords and told her what I was going to put up there. The deal was either I would post it, or someone else would. I'd rather me then someone else haha.