Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Change of Plans

Session A is coming to an end. This Friday will be my last day of ASL 5. I had thought that I would spend session B in ASL 6. Unfortunately that class isn't being taught next session. This became a really big problem. It seems like for the most part classes being taught session B are either far above my level or far below.
Kim (the director of the summer program) and I looked through all the classes being taught in session B. Kim felt the classes that would suit me best, that were being offered are beginning classifiers, intermediate finger spelling, and an interpreting class that focus on the interpreting of anatomy and physiology.
Before I made my decision I talked about Kim's plan with my teacher Ricky. He felt my classifier class would very easy for me, probably too easy. My finger spelling class would be good but not challenging. Then there comes my interpreting class. This class is actually suppose to be taught to people already working as interpreters in a middle school or high school setting. However because Gallaudet isn't offering the class they promised me, it is their responsibility to provide me with classes otherwise they will have to refund my money.
So with the permission of the professor I have also been put into an interpreting class which I'm sure will prove to be a big challenge for me, seeing as I have never taken an interpreting class in my life and the only experience I have with interpreting is volunteer work for church.
My teacher said that there will be a lot of partner work and class presentations. My only concern is that I'll be the one that people dread working with. The slow person that holds the class back. I definitely will work hard to see that, that doesn't happen, even so I know the people in my class will be at a higher level then me. All I can do is do my best.
So I've decided to stay for session B. Because Gallaudet was in the wrong I could have gotten my money back and came home but I feel like I planned this out for so long that I really need and want to see it out.
Hopefully I will enjoy my classes and they will be challenging but not to challenging. I'm sure everything will be fine. Life has a way of working its self out even when things don't go as planned. You just have to take things how the come and find joy in every situation.


  1. too true. you're doing well at handling the situation as best as you can. :)

  2. That's awful!
    And why would they teach sequential classes (ASL 5 & 6) with a session in between? That's weird.

    Maybe this more advanced class will force you to get better faster. :)
    Try practicing signing without moving your mouth. Super hard, but it'll make you focus on ASL- not English- more.

    I DOUBT you'll be 'that kid'. xD You're too awesome to drag people down. Besides, you're a great signer (a bazillion times better than when you began) and all you're doing is graduating to interpreter. ;)

  3. Thanks guys. Yeah Ashley I have to work really hard on not moving my mouth. I picked up a bad habit for simcoming all the time. . . wonder where I got that habit from haha. It'll all work out. Come what may.