Thursday, June 17, 2010

The American History Museum

When I was planning my trip to DC many people told me about the Smithsonian's. They warned me that there would be SO MUCH to see. I don't want to say I didn't believe that because I did, I just didn't understand how much was SO MUCH. Now I understand.

Smithsonian's Part 2, The American History Museum. Before we could hit up our next museum we decided to grab some food. We passed a pedicab, and we just couldn't resist.

The ride was totally worth it. It was nice to be off our blistered feet, and the breeze was really lovely. I wasn't really dressed to ride a pedicab so I might have given some people a sight that they hadn't planned on seeing in DC.

We ate lunch at the hard rock cafe.

Then we made our way to the American History Museum. We got to see some really old toys. Notice the first Mr. Potato head. You actually used a real potato from your house! How insane is that! I love it!

Kayleigh was really excited to see Julia Child's kitchen. Myself I was excited for more fun photo opportunities. Notice the ship, yup that's me behind it . . . acting like a sea monster. . . yup. . . .

The conversation preceding this picture.
"Does she always act like that?" asks the strange old man. "Sometimes shes worse," I reply. "WHATEVER! You're worse then I am!" Yells Kayleigh.

We learned a lot about the trade market of the 1900's. Don't let the pictures fool you we really did read the signs. Sometimes.

I just have this problem where I feel the need to pose with all statues.

I looked so good, the art started looking at me. ;)

Kayleigh we riding along on an old fashioned metro. Little did she know that I had fallen to my death. (Maybe I shouldn't joke about this because it happened yesterday close to where we are staying.)

Kayleigh getting a wonderful idea in the light bulb portion of the museum.

This was one of my favorite exhibits in the American History Museum. Who wouldn't love a room dedicated to amazing black performers!

The Star Spangled Banner room exhibit was inspirational.While in the exhibit I was reading the Star spangled banner when I noticed that the last line is not a statement but a question, "Oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?" It made me think. Our flag is our symbol as a nation. Its what we stand for. Do those standards still "wave" over our country.

This doll house was so sweet! If I remember correctly there were over twenty rooms. I would have loved to have that as a kid! Ok lets be honest I'd probably still enjoy it now.

Bhaha Leave it to Kayleigh and I. We can turn anything into a photo opportunity.

More awesome things. Dorthy's slippers and Kermit the frog!

I'm a theatre nerd and was super exciting to see Simba's mask from Lion King the musical. Kayleigh on the other hand is a Gilmore Girls nerd. She was excited to see Archie Bunkers chair because this display was mentioned in a Gilmore Girls episode.

I have a thing for Cellos!

We ended our time in the gift shop. We ran across Lamb Chop puppets. It was a pleasant revisit to one of my earliest childhood memories. I had to practice some serious self control not to buy it!

This is the blog that never ends. . . it just goes on and on my friends. . .Sadie started writing it not knowing what it was and then she kept on writing it forever just because, this is the blog that never ends. . .


  1. YOU SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT LAMB CHOPS!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! i would have pooped my pants if i could have seen dorthy's slippers. i'm soooo jealous!!! plus i love the picture of you under the appollo theatre sign... you're white sadie... oh so white. and you spelled it vent instead of vest ;) love ya!

  2. my favorite is the picture of you guys at the hard rock cafe and your blinged out vest hit the light just right :) also. the pikachu picture. epic. GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL

  3. Um Jaron, remeber the disclaimer on my blog. It was late haha but thank you I will fix that. Thats what happens when kayleigh falls asleep before I finish my blog.

    Thanks Ana!I'm glad you like them :)