Thursday, May 27, 2010

Clerc Hall

I think its time for a little DC update, I got more information from Gallaudet some good news and some bad. The good news is I know where I am living. Its in Clerc Hall, I'm excited it looks like its close to the track which is great. I'm hoping that will be good motivation to work out while I'm gone. Other information about Clerc hall, it was named after Laurent Clerc the first deaf teacher in America. The building it self is 9 floors high, most of the rooms are quads meaning four people to one room. Which adds in an interesting dynamic, I figured I would be dealing with one roommate, looks like I could be dealing with 4. Sweet! That may or may not have been sarcastic. One more interesting fact about Clerc Hall, it was the first co-ed dorm. Dealing with 4 girls and now boys, Sweet! Once again that may or may not be sarcastic. Over all the place looks nice, about as nice as college dorms built in the 1970's should look.
As for the bad news, Gallaudet emailed me saying that I need more shots. BOO! There goes another hundred bucks I wasn't plan on spending. Its bad enough that I have to let them stick me in the arm but on top of that I have to pay them to do it.
So that's the latest update. 18 days to go!

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