Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dear Forest Gump, I Stole Lines From Your Movie.

Fifty seven days till I step on the East bound airplane and let this journey begin. With less than two months left there are a few things on my mind.
First of all, I bought my tickets!! Its a done deal! In 57 days I will be flying to DC!!
Second of all, my papers are sent in. I'm only slightly stressed about the fact that I bought my tickets before making sure I'd be accepted into the program. . . the school didn't seem to be strict about their summer program. . . I guess it was stupid to buy tickets before being accepted into the program, but hey its a done deal, no use in stressing over it now and as my Father (or the more widely known Tom Hanks) would say "Stupid is and Stupid does."
Lastly, Who is Jennifer? The first six days of my trip Kayleigh and I will be staying with a person named Jennifer. Aside from her name and occupation I know nothing about her. When I first started planning this trip I contacted the institute out East to see if there was anyone looking for a roommate. When it looked like I would have no options Jennifer offered up her home as an option. I decided to stay at Gallaudet housing but Jennifer was kind enough to let Kayleigh and I spend our first six days at her house so we wouldn't have to get a hotel while we went sight seeing. With all that said, Who is Jennifer? I think about that sometimes. I put a lot of trust in this person that I've only talked to through email and phone calls. Other then the fact that we share the same religion I know very little about her. When I first talked to Jennifer I had her pegged as a women in her mid 40's. Now that I've talked to her more I'm thinking she must be in her mid 20's. But I'm really not sure. So I'm going to take my guess and write down what I think she might be like and then when I meet her I can see if I was right or wrong.

Jennifer, Age 26, Brunette, Smart, Organized, working at the institute to pay for law school.

I guess that's if for now. My tickets are bought, my papers are sent in and I'll be staying six days in a strange city with a stranger. Sometimes when I think to hard about it, it just seems really stupid, and you know what maybe it is, and maybe I am stupid for doing it, but then again when I look back on my life almost everything I've done that was worth doing was a little bit "Stupid." So bring in on! "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get."

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  1. well said. i still haven't seen forrest gump.

    and you booked your tickets without getting accepted! i'll pray for you. haha.