Thursday, July 8, 2010

Session B Classes

This Session I am taking three classes. Intermediate Finger spelling (FS), Beginning Classifiers (CL), and Conceptual Interpreting for Anatomy and Physiology. This week I only have two classing, FS and CL, and next week my Interpreting course begins.

Thus far I have mixed feelings about my classes. I love FS! Who would have though two hours of none stop FS could be so much fun! My teacher is great. We focus a lot on rhythms and movements in our FS. Its crazy though, after class my right hand is so tired. My friends were teasing me yesterday because after class I was signing with only my left hand, but I couldn't help it my right arm was seriously that tired. But its worth it, I love that class and I feel like I'm learning a lot of new things and improving.

My CL class on the other hand, well its frustrating. The first day of class we had students who ranged from ASL 1 up to ASL 6 . . . that isn't good. The class may be beginning classifiers, but the signing she is using to explain the classifiers is not beginning. You'd need to be at least into the pink book before you had the skill level to understand my teacher. So what would happen is that the teacher would explain something and 1/2 the class (from ASL 3 and up) would understand, but then the other portion on my class (ASL 2 down to no ASL classes at all) would just sit there dumbfounded. So she would proceed to explain over and over again till they understood. Which is fine, there was a time that I wouldn't have understood either, It's just that they shouldn't mix that many levels of signing. There should be some kind of prerequisite for this class. Because it isn't fair to any of the students.

The next day was better because some of the less experienced signers and dropped out. Even still the class its self is boring. . . . and it shouldn't be! It's CL! CL's are so much fun! They make a story interesting, but we just do things that are so simple again and again and they are so boring. I have to remember I am in a begging class, even still it's boring. I should stop, I sound like a brat.

I guess I'm just frustrated because after day one I wanted to withdraw. I talked to Kim and she said that is was fine, but I wouldn't be getting a refund. I was confused and asked her why, she said it was because I didn't withdraw two weeks prior, the thing is when she signed me up for that class I asked her "what will I do if its too easy" and she said, "you can just withdraw" but the way she worded in, or maybe just the way I understood it made it seem like I could get my money back either way. I remember her saying, you can withdraw today and get one credits worth of money back, or you can wait and take the class and if its too easy withdraw. I thought that meant I could still get my money back . . . I guess not. If I would have known that there was no chance for a refund I would have just gotten my money back that day instead of risking paying for a class that is boring.

Oh well, there isn't much I can do about it now. I'm sure I will learn something from that class. I know that, that class isn't worth my money, but I'll do my best to get my moneys worth now that I'm stuck in it.

Monday I will start my interpreting class. I'm extremely nervous. Now after experiencing the frustration of my CL class where I'm in the upper portion of the class waiting on the lower portion. I'm scared to experience the opposite frustration of being in the lower portion of the class and holding back the other students. I really am going to do my best to keep up. Hopefully I wont be the worst one in my class. . .

So that's how classes are going thus far. A little good a little bad.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The End of ASL 5

My first Class here at Gallaudet it over. ASL five finished on Friday. It was a fun class, I really enjoyed my teacher Ricky Rose I also enjoyed the people in my class. It was a good review of the yellow book. I think that my receptive is the thing that improved the most in this class. Over all it was a good experience.

Fourth of July Weekend

Saturday, July 3rd was a chill day. After our sleep over we were all tired. Plus we knew we were in for a busy day on the 4th so we decided not to do anything too crazy. We did go see Toy Story 3, which was adorable. I loved it! I thought the story line was cute and it took some fun twist and turns. They were all sold out for anything but 3d. I could have done with out that, 3d tends to give me a headache, plus we arrived late which meant we were sitting very close to the screen. All that aside it was really good.
We started the fourth at the cafeteria for some "yummy Gallaudet food." on a positive note we did have koolaide. We bought three packages so we decided to start our day with a koolaide toast to Americas birthday.
Our Fourth started with a parade. Excuse me, not just A parade but THE parade, and by THE I mean THE longest parade of my life! We stuck around for 3 hours watching and watching. It was like an endless sea of floats, balloons and marching bands. After three hours we just couldn't take it anymore. We did see some cool stuff though. Like a band of bagpipes! And a rollerskating super hero Obama.

There were really random balloons in this parade. Uncle Sam made sense, but whats up with strawberry short cake? I still don't get it.

At the start of the longest parade ever, I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of each marching band, three hours and 100 pictures later I though maybe it wasn't such a good idea, These are literally 2 of the hundreds of pictures I now have of high school marching bands

We were sitting towards the end of the parade, you could tell that some of the people walking by us were exhausted, not that I can blame them. There was one group of Mexican dancers who were real troupers. They where full on dancing the entire parade. I decided their dedication deserved a spot in my blog.
As we were leaving I spotted the Hare Krishna float! I was so excited! There was no chalk throwing, sad day, even so it was still really cool.

After the parade we decided to hit up the American History Museum. We figured that was pretty patriotic seeing it was the 4th and all.
Through out the whole day Jonathan was making lots of cracks about Americans. Typical Britt. We ran across old uniforms from both sides so I thought it was fitting that I take pictures with my team and he take pictures with his. . . Guess whose team won haha

I really like the parts of the museum that are interactive. But sniffing . . .that might be a bit too interactive for me.
THIS IS THE BEST CARTOON EVER!! We found a section that was full of support the war, by war bonds propaganda from World War II. On of the exhibits was showing cartoon propaganda that they played on TV. This picture is from a cartoon where Daffy duck no lie hits Hitler on the head with a sledge hammer. . . . I don't know if I have ever seen anything so beautiful in my entire life!
The best things about the American History Museum. . . . lots of statues which makes for lots of photo opps.

Bille Jean is not my love she's just a girl that claims that I am the one, but the kid is not my son.
Jonathan and Sarah are not good at following instructions, it says please DO NOT touch.

After the American history museum we hit up the Air and Space Museum. So I remember when I was planning my trip to DC so many people told me I HAD to go to the Air and Space museum . . . I'm not sure I get it. . . Don't get me wrong, there was some cool stuff in it. Basically any of the children's portions of the museums were pretty cool. . . but other then that. . . yeah kind of over my head, over my head in a not interesting kind of way. I guess it just wasn't my thing. This picture is cool though. This scale told me how much I would weight on different planets. Basically I'm never going to Jupiter because I would be a big time fatty. It said I would be close to 400 pounds. . . this is also the scale that informed me that I gained seven pounds . . . boo. . .

After we had made our way through the museums it was fire works time!
They were beautiful, other then some big building that kept getting in the way. JK They were really awesome. I liked how sometimes the fireworks would land just right and make the Washington Monument look like a birthday candle.

After the fire works was when the real madness began. I have never seen so many people in my life! This picture doesn't even do justice to how many people were all trying to pour into the metro. We decided to hang back eat some ice cream. Which was a wise decision.
July 5th Sarah, Johnathan and I went to Six Flags. Where I got financially raped. Six flags, lets be honest it is not my favorite place in the world. The rides were fun but there weren't that many.

Really though the biggest rip off was the water. There is ONE, ONE, might I say it again ONE water fountain in all of six flags. You have got to be kidding me, boiling hot outside, plus humidity and they have one water fountain . . .boo. . .

Unfortunately there aren't any more pictures of Six Flags. Due to a hand off mishap with my Camera. My camera still works but the leans can't move so it can't focus and my camera wont take pictures if it can't focus. . . I'm going to try and go to best buy tomorrow and see if someone can fix it.
Really though, this fourth of July weekend was awesome. Being in DC for the Fourth, thats about as big as you can get. All that aside, I actually missed Utah. I missed the Clearfield parade with my neices and nephews chasing after candy. I missed seeing people in the parade that I know. I'm glad I was here for this year, that I experienced DC on the Fourth of July, but next year when I'm sitting on a blanket in Clearfield Utah with my family I believe I will be very content.
I feel that pretty much embodies how I feel about this whole trip. I am enjoying myself, having a good time, learning, experiening. I am really loving these experiences. But when I think about going home, going back to reality. I actually am excited. I'm enjoying my break from reality, but I'm glad its just a break and not forever. I didn't relaize how much I actually like my reality.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The end of Seisson A

With Session A coming to a close we all decided to make one more trip to China Town.
Even though we were having a great time there were always moments like this where we remembered that in a few days session A would be finished.
China Town is a place for friendship and food.

Since I've been here at Gallaudet I've gained seven pounds. . . . these pictures might give you a good idea of why. Pretty much we all downed that food without even blinking an eye.

After Chinese food Sophie and I meet up with one of her friends and went dancing. We got there early so it was vacant for a while. However after some time passed the dancing floor started filling up and we had a good time.

Friday after class was over we said goodbye to Ryan and Terry. This is a picture of Terry and Jonathan giving one last hug before our Mom left us.
We still had one more night before the other half of our group left so we decide to make it epic.

We went to the Culture Fair in DC. It was way awesome. There were booths set up from Countries all over the world. This particular booth was a Smithsonian booth. They had stamps from ancient India set up. They also had some look alikes for kids to use to make fun stamps on their papers. Sophie decide instead that they could be used as temporary tattoos. I decided to follow her lead and get myself an awesome tat. . . haha

Like I said we were having lots of fun but every now and then we'd remember that some of us were leaving.
After the Culture Fair we went and hit up some of the nations monuments. Interesting fact about ASL, is has slang just like any other language. In the photo of us with the Washington Monument you might think were making obscene gestures but really that is just the sign that is used for the Washington Monument here at Gallaudet.

More interesting facts. The man who carves the statue for Abraham Lincoln also did the statues here at Gallaudet. If you look at his hands Lincoln's left hand is in a A shape and his right hand is in an L. The sculpture could have very well worked signing into his art. No one really knows for sure.
Jonathan and I, being adorable as always.

After we were done sightseeing we headed back to Clerc Hall for a big group sleep over. We started the night by telling first kiss stories. I can't believe I almost went two weeks without asking. Those stories are usually one of the first things I like to learn about people. After telling their stories I made each person pick a sign that described their first kiss, these are just a few of my favorites.

After first kiss stories we played a game of never have I ever. In this game you all hold up ten fingers. Someone will say something that they never have done, anyone who has done what they said then puts one finger down. The object of the game is the be the last person out. Sophie was the first person to be out. No surprise there, she's done just about everything ha ha. Surprisingly I wasn't the last one out. Second to last but not last. Guess I'm not as inexperienced as everyone thought ha ha. Actually I am, I was just targeted with things like, Never have a ever kissed a boy or never have I ever been a Mormon. Way to pick on the straight Mormon minority :)

As the night got later and later we all got even more silly. Sophie and I made a fort, which basically consist of us putting a blanket on our heads. . . . it was much funnier at the time, which was probably do to sleep deprivation.
Once the chatting had ended it was time to go to bed. This is when Sophie remembered that the light in here living room doesn't go out. . . which means we had to sleep with the lights on.

In the morning we all woke up and one by one people started leaving. First it was Nora followed by Sophie then Katie.
It was sad to see everyone go. Even though I knew new people would be coming it just wouldn't be the same. This group of friends was too strange to ever be reduplicated. I'm glad that I meet them, and had the opportunity to be part of a group of friends that was so unique. I don't think under any other circumstance this group would have all come together to be friends but I'm glad it happened. I think I grew a lot in these two weeks. This group taught me a lot about who I am and who I am not. Really that lesson is more valuable then any of the classes I'll take her at Gallaudet. I'm really thankful to have meet new people made new friends. (I'm also thankful for facebook that allows me to now stalk my new friends )